Baby Moses Law

Johnson County Safe Baby Site Project

The "Baby Moses" law was passed in Texas because of the growing concern about the number of abandoned infants. It is estimated that each month two infants are abandoned in life threatening situations in Texas and approximately 25% do not survive.

The Children's Advocacy Center has taken on the responsibility of educating the community about Texas "Baby Moses" law and the Safe Baby Site Project as well as offering support to designated Safe Baby Site. The Center's goals is to meet with local Fire Chiefs, Firefighters, EMT and hospital personnel. We will also provide Safe Baby Site signs for each agency that is manned 24 hours, provide baby bags filled with needed supplies to care for newborns and information about this project. The Children's Advocacy Center has incorporated the Safe Baby Site Project and "Baby Moses" law into their child abuse prevention education program.

Mobile Safe Baby Sites

It is the hope of the Children's Advocacy Center that we can work with Care Flite of Johnson County to also provide Mobile Safe baby Sites. Mobile Safe Baby Sites will serve the same purpose as traditional Safe baby Sites, with the unique aspect that Mobile Safe baby Sites may be more available and accessible to the community.

We hope to get support to fund all ambulances with a Safe Baby Site sign that can be posted on the back of each vehicle. This sign will serve as an indicator to the community that the ambulance is a designated Safe Baby Site and is prepared to receive an infant under the "Baby Moses" law. It is our hope that if we are able to do this that we will save the lives of children and offer a responsible alternative to child abandonment.

Safe Baby Sites

  • Alvarado Fire Department
  • Burleson Fire Department
  • Cleburne Fire Department
  • Keene Fire Department
  • Wall's Hospital