Welcome to the Alvarado Police Department Webpage. We appreciate being given the opportunity to share with you some information regarding our department. We take pride in our organization and are constantly striving to improve the level of service we provide. Please do not hesitate to call upon our agency if the department, or I, can be of assistance or service to you. Feel free to explore our web page for additional information.

If you would like the opportunity to join our team then follow this link to submit an application. https://tml.careerwebsite.com/job/police-officer/67656915/

Thank you,

Teddy May, Chief of Police


“Excellence in service, safety, and trust.”

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alvarado Police Department is to serve and protect our community with integrity, professionalism, and respect. We are committed to upholding the laws of our society, while also respecting the rights and dignity of every individual we encounter.

We will work diligently to prevent crime, apprehend those who break the law, and bring them to justice. We will also strive to foster positive relationships between law enforcement and the community we serve, recognizing that trust and mutual respect are essential to effective policing.

We will continually seek out opportunities to improve our skills and knowledge so that we can better serve our community and respond to the ever-evolving challenges of modern law enforcement.

Above all, we will remain true to our commitment to serve and protect and to ensure that our community is a safe and secure place for all who call it home.

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