Compliments / Concerns / Complaints (Including Racial Profiling)

This is your Police Department and we welcome your comments. We encourage you to let us know about the quality of service you receive from our employees. Please call 817-790-0910 for compliments, concerns, or complaints (including racial profiling).


If you would like to give feedback regarding a positive experience with an officer then you can do so by calling us 817-790-0910 or email.

Verbal commendations may also be given to any department supervisor.


You may also contact the Alvarado Police Department if you believe that the conduct of an employee was inappropriate. This can be done by phone 819-790-0910 or email. The complaint process is slightly more involved in order to comply with state law regarding complaints on police and fire personnel.

Protection of the Public

The public has the right to receive fair, efficient and impartial law enforcement. Any misconduct by department personnel must first be detected, then thoroughly investigated and finally, properly adjudicated to assure the maintenance of these qualities.

Protection of the Department

The department is often evaluated and judged by the conduct of its individual employees. It is imperative that the whole organization not be criticized because of the misconduct of a few. An informed public must have confidence that its police department honestly and fairly investigates and adjudicates all allegations of misconduct against its employees.

Protection of the Employee

Employees must be protected against false or misinformed allegations of misconduct. This can only be accomplished through a consistently thorough investigative process.