Department Patch

The Alvarado Police Department Shoulder Patch was designed by the members of the Alvarado Police Department with input from the City Council as well as the Alvarado Independent School District. Updated in 2011, the patch is designed with the department's motto, "One Community, One Goal" in mind.

Emblazoned at the center of the patch is an "A" with a spear. The City of Alvarado is known as the home of the Alvarado Indians and the department wanted this to be incorporated into the design as a symbol of city pride and support of the youth in the community. The "A" and spear are also in the school colors.

The background for the "A" is a silver star. A star has been a universal symbol throughout the history of law enforcement in both the United States and abroad.

The blue background is designed to blend with the color of the department's uniform shirt, Dark Navy.  To complete the patch the words "Police" and "Alvarado" were added along the top and bottom. Contrasting white thread was used to again draw attention to these portions.