Parks & Recreation

Alvarado Parks and Recreation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through healthy & leisure activities as well as, providing outdoor spaces for all to enjoy. Equipped with playgrounds, pavilions, native trees, shrubs and flowers, and more, Alvarado parks are ideal for a variety of recreational uses.

The Parks and Recreation is a division within the Public Works Department.   Responsibilities include for the development and maintenance of open space areas, as well as community facilities and properties.

Parks & Recreation Board  

The Alvarado Parks & Recreation Board is comprised of six (6) regular members and two (2) alternate members.  All members are appointed by the City Council at large.   Alternate members are appointed for two-year terms and shall serve in the absence of one or more regular members upon requested.

Parks & Recreation Board Meeting Schedule

The Parks & Recreation Board meetings are held quarterly.  Special meetings may be called by the Chair, or Vice-Chair in Chair's absence.


(1) Provide affordable and varied recreational opportunities that support group and individual events for all ages and abilities.

(2) Promote the value of leisure activity to Alvarado residents and encourage greater public involvement.

(3) Provide participants with safe and healthy recreational spaces.

(4) Implement a financial plan to fund leisure services through various user fees, city general funds and additional sources.

(5) Coordinate with surrounding communities, Johnson County, Alvarado Independent School District, and various organizations to increase recreational service capability.

Comprehensive Plan Parks Master Plan & Maps

Comprehensive Plan - Map of Existing Parks

Comprehensive Plan – Parks Master Plan Update

Comprehensive Plan – Future Parks

Comprehensive Plan – Existing Park Service Areas

Alvarado Parks

  • Alvarado Lake Park
  • Downtown Square Gazebo
  • George Washington Carver Park
  • Heritage Park
  • Moore Park
  • Parkway Park
  • Stonegate Park 
Parkway Park Pavilion and Playground

Applications & Documents

Pavilion/Gazebo Rental Application

Pavilion/Gazebo rentals are completed through the Community Development Department. Applications must be submitted in-person.