Street Corner

The "Fix the Dang Roads" Program was launched in 2022 and is an ongoing project dedicated to renovating Alvarado's streets. With the support of City Council, the City Manager, and City staff, more than nine roads have already been repaired in Alvarado city limits since the fall of 2022. As the project continues into 2024, more residents will begin to see improvements in their commutes. 

N. Cummings Update - February 2024

Check out the latest update about the progress on N. Cummings! As one of the longest roads in Alvarado, the impact of this grant-funded project is enormous. Stay tuned for more information as we start the reconstruction process. 

"Fix the Dang Roads" Blog

The “Fix the Dang Roads” Program is moving into a different phase in 2024 as roads become smoother for residents and visitors of Alvarado. At the onset of this project, roads with the highest volume of traffic were considered priority, receiving repairs first. Since then, repairs on some major roads have been completed, and the focus will shift to streets that affect neighborhoods as well.

Development is moving quickly in Alvarado, meaning the number of homes and residents in the city will begin to grow too. Looking into the future, we want to ensure that our current and future residents have easy access to their homes, land, and work.

Stay tuned for more information about the "Fix the Dang Roads" Program!

High Priority Streets in 2024

  • Apache Rd.
  • E. Atchley St.
  • E. Davis St. 
  • S. Baugh St. 
  • W. Davis St.
Priority Roads Map of Alvarado, TX

"Fix the Dang Roads" Progress

S. Baugh St. Repairs
The 200 Block of S. Baugh was repaired in October of 2023. Milling was done to the existing road and new asphalt was laid down. 
After water main repairs were made, new asphalt was laid to replace damaged sections of Lorie Street.
Repairs on Lorie St.
Sunflower Lane
Due to both residential and commercial use of Sunflower Lane, the City opted to repave this road in concrete in the summer of 2022. Concrete will hold up better over time on this busy road.
This residential area was repaved to make commutes easier. Neighbors on this road previously saw the cracking and uneven lanes on Santa Fe Street. 
Santa Fe Street
S. Spears Street
S. Spears Street had lots of cracking which was patched and repaved last year. 
Just like S. Spears Street, S. 4th Street had lots of cracking. This road was made level by patching and repaving.
S. 4th Street
Maple Street
Maple Street was repaved in the summer of 2023. Now, it is a smooth passageway to different parts of the City.
Glenwood Drive is used by Alvarado residents and employees, especially as a way to enter the highway. With such constant use, this was a priority road that has been repaved.
Glenwood Drive